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Feedback About Testing "BETA" Version

@Yann what worked in the end was enabling legacy boot. The grub menu entries was misaligned, so I couldn’t select the OS but after some seconds the MATE desktop showed up and I played a bit with it. My network card was detected and I could connect to the network without issues, the system looks very stable for being in beta stage. In fact, there was no install script, so I assume it’s only a live OS. My question is: do you have (or plan on having) a handy package management tool like slapt-get/Gslapt which could upgrade the system, install single binary packages from the repos and handle dependencies?

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#1  - Yann Gaillard said:

1) Grub menu entries are not misaligned, first choice allow you to start the distro after 2 seconds if you don't touch anything, the next entries allow you to select language/keyboard/timezone and the last ones allow you to reboot/poweroff, you just have to hit the down arrow key on your keyboard several times.

2) The mention "BETA" is only to indicate that the system is not really complete. Several softwares are not shipped with and I have some settings to tweak.

3) Yes, my goal is to provide a kind of "live" OS like, something that is already installed and all settings are already done so the user only have to make the few cosmetic settings that suit him and can start to use the system right away.

4) In fact superBoxon is binary compatible with all Slackware packages and you can install them with the same commands as in Slackware, but I must provide a persistant mode before you can do that and it's not really needed because I'm working on a really simplified way to install software who manage all dependencies but I still have to work on it.


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